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Dryness is scary. If just one layer of dead skin is not removed, aging will progress.

Hello! My name is Kigawa, and I work for Bi Natural and Milobina.

Last time, we started with a story about when we had our bone density measured, and talked about the connection between Morinaga Milk's dairy products and intestinal bacteria.

When the large intestine dries out due to constipation, for some reason, the skin also dries out, and dry skin is unable to block external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, which reach them directly, and as a result, stimulate melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin. , which can cause stains...

So, I don't want my skin to dry out!

That's what we talked about.

Dry skin can cause a variety of other problems, so I'll continue to talk about them today.

Moisture is related to the skin's barrier function, but it is also related to anti-aging.

The younger you are, the more easily damaged cells can be regenerated, so you can always have youthful, beautiful skin, a supple, strong, and freely mobile body.

However, as we age, this regenerative function declines, and when it comes to the rebirth of our skin, when we were young, it was reborn every 28 days, but by the age of 40, it seems to take 55 days. !

Theoretically, if you can replace damaged or old cells with fresh, new ones every day, your skin will never age and maintain its beauty. It's like a baby, but I'm jealous~

However, due to lack of moisture, the barrier function weakens, and as a result, skin cells are damaged by stimuli such as UV rays, wind, temperature differences, and touch, and because the turnover rate is slow, they are quickly reborn as new cells. If you can't...

This means that double damage accelerates the aging process of your skin.

Your skin is made up of one layer each day at the bottom layer of the epidermis, called the basal layer. Each time a new cell is created from below, it is pushed up, and each day it rises one layer at a time.

At the end of the 14-day journey, the cell loses its nucleus and dies. Dead cells are called keratin, and they are gradually pushed upwards over the next 13 days, and fall off by the end of the 14th day. Meanwhile, it protects your skin.

The first 14 days of the journey are also very important, during which the cells grow slowly and normally, becoming high-quality, well-shaped corneocytes that line up in a regular and orderly manner. Thanks to this, there are no gaps where moisture can escape.

The space between these dead skin cells is packed with moisturizing ingredients called intercellular lipids. For example, if dead skin cells are like tiles, intercellular lipids are like cement that fills in the gaps.

Unfortunately, this intercellular lipid content decreases with age. It also contributes to dryness.

By the way, the stratum corneum has 14 layers under normal conditions, but it is as thin as one piece of plastic wrap!

When you think about it that way, you have to treat it like that.

And to my surprise, there are actually 14 more layers in this single wrap, and if the last keratinized layer at the top doesn't fall off, the basal layer, which makes new cells, will say, ``You can make new cells! ” signal does not work.

···picture? Did that so-called "dirt" that was only 1/14th the thickness of plastic wrap, or even 1/14th the thickness, play such an important role? ?

When I first learned about it, I was amazed at its incredibly delicate mechanism...

So, here's what I wanted to say today: What happens when the surface of your skin is dry? The keratinized skin, which is 1/14th of this wrap and only 1/14th of it, is stuck and won't come off!

That's right... it's so thin that I can understand that it will stick if it dries.

To summarize with some additions,

1. Moisture protects your skin from external damage. When moisture is lost, damage directly damages the skin and causes aging.

2. When you are in your 20s, your skin renews itself every 28 days, making you look younger and more beautiful.
(20 days for teenagers)

3. When you reach your 30s, your age suddenly slows down to around 40 days.
Even at Milobina, I have the impression that many people in this age group are suffering from rapid skin deterioration.

4. This cycle gets slower and slower, and by the time you turn 40, it is about 55 days!
There are individual differences, but when I asked a dermatologist,
<My age x 1.5~2.0>

75 days at age 50, 100 days at age 60... (lol)

Five. In order for new cells to form, the dead skin cells, which are only 1/14th the thickness of a piece of plastic wrap, must be peeled off.

6. When your skin is dry, it is a tragedy that even though you have finally reached the top, the skin is dry and stuck, so it does not peel off and the signal that it is okay to make new cells cannot be transmitted.・・・

What do you think?

You can no longer casually say, ``I have dry skin.''

Is something like "I... what should I do, I have dry skin!!! Help me!!" just right? !

So, you may be tempted to try exfoliating all at once with a scrub, rubbing your skin, or soaking a cotton pad in a "wiping lotion" to remove dead skin every day.

I also have experience. I did a lot of things. I wish I had known about the single wrap sooner...

When you do this, your skin will be smooth! But that's only for one day. I'm not feeling particularly well...in fact, I may have developed melasma.

But this is too strong to care for extremely thin dead skin. I think this is also true from my experience.

When the dead skin is removed in an abnormal manner, the skin senses the abnormality and the basal layer begins to overturn and create new cells. This means that it's not as if a single layer of extremely thin dirt has been removed.

If you're thinking, "What? If I can create new cells, I should just remove the dead skin."

Sure, we think that way, but our skin doesn't think so.

As for the feelings of the base layer at that time,

"Gah! It's so bad! The skin barrier is broken!!! It doesn't matter what you do, you have to make new cells as soon as possible! What are you doing so carefully? If you're so strict, you won't be able to make it in time!! Anyway, it's urgent right now. It's a situation! Even if it's not finished, it doesn't matter, just ship it!"

That's what it feels like.

In other words, because we are forcing our factories to work in a state of panic, poor quality cells are produced all the time, and when they reach the surface of the skin, we end up with dead skin that is full of irregular and defective products.

Because they don't have the same shape, there are gaps between the dead skin cells, and the intercellular lipids that provide a veil of moisture evaporate, making your skin even drier!

Even after being shipped, the leaves are supposed to slowly grow and shape into beautiful layers, but they are hurriedly pushed upwards, preventing them from fully maturing.

In this way, even if you want to make your skin beautiful, you are actually causing dry skin and accelerating aging.

You feel the mystery of your body and your skin. Life has a truly intricate structure, and there are many things that our brains cannot fathom.

I've been writing a lot like this, but there's still a lot of things I don't know, and I might be missing something in terms of numbers or theory.

This time, I mainly wrote about how dry skin works, but next time I would like to talk about what kind of skin care can heal dry skin and show its effectiveness, based on my own experience.

Ah, maybe we'll end up talking about something before that. In that case, please forgive me!

Thank you for reading to the end today!

see you.

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