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Strangely enough, all of the products that passed the selection process using our five senses were made from 100% natural ingredients. I have learned from experience that if a product contains even the slightest amount of chemical ingredients, you won't feel truly good. However, even though they are 100% organic, I often come across products that don't feel as good or have little effect.

There are differences in whether the raw materials are of high quality, the development of original manufacturing methods that do not rely on easy methods, the development of methods that bring out the best qualities of the plants, and the sense of responsibility of manufacturers towards customers and sellers. And natural ingredients are always selfish. Patience and an understanding of nature are also important. As a result, the finished products are all items that shine with the craftsmanship that was created with passion. In fact, it was no mean feat to continue producing products that were sufficiently effective.

Milobina's history

The representative of Milobina, who was originally a beauty club member. Even though I was supposed to have a wealth of knowledge about skin care, I was very worried about my skin not being clean, including dullness, small bumps, pimples, and severe blackheads in my pores. Furthermore, at the time I was suffering from serious skin problems.

Based on my knowledge at the time, I didn't know that chemical cosmetics were bad, and since my skin is slightly acidic, washing my skin with mildly alkaline soap would make it rough, so I used facial cleansing foam for many years. One day, I tried out a super luxury soap developed by an acquaintance of my father's, and from that day on, the condition of my skin completely changed! The roughness disappears and it becomes completely smooth.

Your complexion will instantly become brighter and your skin will become healthier day by day. At that time, I realized for the first time that skin is naturally smooth. That was when I was 32 years old. At that time, I noticed that my skin, which had been bothering me since adolescence, changed, and that was the moment when my life changed as well.

Sesame oil quickly became a popular product. The reason for this is its incredible skin beautifying effect. Not only the customers but also the staff were fascinated by the wonder of their damaged skin getting closer and closer to their ideal skin. I was really surprised that trust in natural cosmetics is still low, and that an oil that Japanese people dislike has become so popular. It has been ranked #1 in the weekly rankings for 44 consecutive weeks on Rakuten Market!

Since then, we have been fortunate enough to meet a variety of wonderful manufacturers with true capabilities, and in the end we have a product lineup that cannot be called a soap shop. In 2011, the company name and store name were changed to Bi-Natural. We have made it clear that we aim to be a store that can respond to your beauty and health concerns.

our future

The modern era is called the era of selfishness. This may also be due to the fact that high technology creates the illusion of living without human assistance. However, with all kinds of help, we are able to live every day and feel happy.

When dealing with nature, it is impossible to create products that always have the same scent or the same color. People's convenience and selfishness will be weeded out.

However, being angry with nature will only make you unhappy. By accepting nature, people become more patient, appreciate their surroundings, develop a sense of balance, and feel happier. Nature and people are all about balance. Balance is the key to beauty and health maintenance.

November 2019. Beauty Natural has been renamed Milobina.

Milo is fragrant. Bina is a bee. Carefully like a bee, we search all over the world for products that are full of the power of nature, and we want to deliver them to you as gently as a beautiful fragrance. I put that feeling into it. Milobina would be very happy if our products and services could bring a smile to your face.

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