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Herbs that are effective against colds and how to take them effectively

Hello! My name is Kigawa, and I work for Bi Natural and Milobina.

Yes, today is the third time to take measures against colds.

The first time, I wondered if the cold medicine I was casually taking was interfering with natural healing.
The second time is cold prevention using herbs.

That's what it means.

especiallyechinaceahas become famous as a countermeasure against colds as it has been introduced on TV by celebrities, but it is surprisingly little known that although it is very effective in the early stages of a cold, it does not prevent it. I made sure to write about that.

On the other hand, if you use it regularly to prevent a cold, you may develop a tolerance to it and it may be less effective when you catch a cold, so we cannot recommend it, so please keep this in mind.

To review, all illnesses, including colds, can be cured using natural healing power. Medicines and herbs can be a trigger or support.

Also, it is difficult to understand that alleviating symptoms and curing a disease are two different things, and it is easy to confuse them.

If you don't understand this clearly, you will end up using medicine even though you are trying to get rid of the virus and the symptoms of a cold (albeit painful) will hinder the progress of the cold symptoms (natural healing power). There is also the possibility that your cold will linger for a long time.

However, it is not a training, so if you cannot stop coughing and it is too painful, I think that you have the option of relying on medicine. However, it is important to use it carefully and in a controlled manner. Japan is very lenient about this, and in other countries such as the Netherlands and Australia, the common sense of going to the hospital for a cold may not apply.

It is very important for the body to enhance its natural healing power. Sleep, nutritionally balanced meals, stress control, etc. are important to keep the natural healing power in a high state, and I don't think it is necessary to write about this in detail.

The problem is that if these three areas of sleep, eating, and stress are not well controlled, there is a big difference between knowing some useful care and not knowing how to care for many people today who live in difficult environments. It means putting it away.

One is, of course, care through food.

As I wrote last time, improve the state of intestinal bacteriaImmunity boosting effect of yogurthas received a lot of attention in recent years. Many people may remember a certain yogurt that sells profusely during the flu season.

That's why the relationship between the intestinal environment and immunity is so big.

The other is the use of herbs and condiments that have long been said to be good for nourishing and tonic. It's one thing to use them in cooking, but as busy people as we are, it's naturally difficult to continue doing so... I can never do it!

I believe that using organic supplements is effective and easy to continue.

A typical example is ginger. This is Ginger.

Ginger is highly nutritious and has a warming effect on the body. The lower your body's body temperature, the lower your immune system becomes, so I think it's worth continuing to take supplements, even just in the winter.

At the Bi Natural Rakuten Market store,Ginger tincture type supplementI am selling ginger, and when I look at the reviews, I see a lot of high praise from people who feel that it is more effective than I expected, and I was once again reminded of the wonders of ginger.

The other one is Dandelion. It is also called dandelion coffee, but it is the root of the Western dandelion. Dandelion coffee is roasted to bring out its aroma to enjoy the coffee flavor.

Available at MilobinaEclectic Dandelion supplementIn order to preserve the nutrients such as vitamins, we freeze-dry freshly picked fruit without applying any heat to preserve its ingredients.

These nourishing and tonic herbs enhance the strength of the entire body and improve the quality of life.

Additionally, there is Larix, an herb that directly increases immune function. It is also called deciduous pine (Karamatsu), and it grows in large numbers in Japan, so it is a plant that everyone has seen without even knowing it.

Since it's made of pine, you might think just by smelling it that it has antibacterial properties, and you're right (*'▽')/

However, what is more important than its antibacterial power is its ability to boost immunity. People who are prone to colds can prevent colds by taking this every day.

Larix is little known as an herb in Japan, but unlike echinacea, it is not resistant to it, and is very effective.It is used overseas to fight various infections and to improve immunity. It is used for healing.

...and after reading this far,

You might be thinking, "Oh, do I have to take ginger, Dandelion, and Larix?"

I would like them to do that if possible, but it's honestly unrealistic because continuity is what's important. This is because the human brain is very bad at making new things a habit.

At Milobina, it's important to be useful, and if it doesn't last, it's useless, so we carefully consider how to handle products that are similar to those that are difficult to use.

Today, I would like to introduce you to a survival supplement that is easy to follow, and which was actually taken by a child of a staff member who was taking the exam, and was able to stay healthy even when his entire family was wiped out.

it is···Hermedica Inner Support!

This includes Lalix, which has a nourishing and tonic effect, and is also a blend of elder and clove, which quickly act as antibacterial agents in the body when you catch a cold and help fight viruses.

This is a rare herbal supplement that contains a blend of multiple herbs in one tablet.

What I mean by rare is that in the world of herbal therapy, drinking herbs alone is not often done. Herbal therapy professionals use their extensive knowledge and experience to combine multiple herbs to heal symptoms in a multifaceted manner.

This is because human beings are extremely multifaceted and complex beings, and it is not enough to care for only this part. This is also a point where it differs from therapeutic drugs.

So why are there so few blended herbal supplements in Japan?For some reason, compared to importing single herbal supplements,

Tariffs are very high!

It is from the body. It's frustrating, but...

Even though it is useful, it is difficult to distribute it... Meanwhile, Hermedica is a company that is doing its best to eliminate various costs and keep the prices affordable.

In the end, my love for the product fell apart,inner supportOne pill a day is enough to be effective, and even if you catch a cold or the symptoms inadvertently progress past the initial stages, they will support your natural healing power and help you recover.

At that time, one dose is not enough, so take 3 to 6 times the amount.

Also, if possible, it is best to take it with echinacea in the early stages!

Ah, it's been so long again...I wanted to talk about aromas, but I apologize every time.

Next time, I would like to dive into aroma care!

see you.

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