Men's skin type is basically different from women's, but basic care is not much different.

Wash your face with good quality soap, replenish water, and replenish oil. By repeating these three things every morning and night, you can maintain beautiful skin even as you age.

Your skin is less susceptible to deterioration than women's, so just following this simple skin care routine will make a difference in your skin in the future, so please make it a habit.

We will also show you how to solve problems specific to men.

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Daily care + worries

Men's skin is tougher than women's. However, just like women, washing your face and moisturizing it every morning and night is the secret to maintaining youthful skin.

Although men's skin suffers from fewer problems than women's, they do have to do something that puts a lot of stress on their skin, such as shaving, every day.

Also, due to the influence of male hormones, there are people who secrete a lot of sebum and feel a complex about their sticky skin.

A surprisingly common problem is rough skin. There are many people who don't know what to do and feel stressed about their rough skin, which becomes a vicious cycle.

We would like to introduce natural care that is useful for men who have many problems.

daily skin care

Don't forget to wash your face in the morning and evening and moisturize

Whether you are a man or a woman, washing your face with soap in the morning and evening and whether or not you moisturize afterwards can make a huge difference in your future youthfulness.

However, over-washing can also damage your skin and accelerate aging. Washing your face with soap twice a day, in the morning and at night, is the perfect face wash for your skin.

Facial cleansing foams are sold at any drugstore, but they mainly contain synthetic surfactants and often lack cleaning power (products with high cleaning power contain a lot of synthetic surfactants). I cannot recommend it.)

Your skin tends to become dull, rough, and your pores become enlarged.

Simple bar soap is best for your skin! Good quality bar soap is less irritating to your skin, yet it thoroughly removes dirt and leaves your skin beautiful.

For subsequent moisturization, incorporate water and an appropriate amount of oil. The most important thing for anti-aging care is moisturizing. Replenish moisture with lotion and skin care oil,

Aim for clean, smooth and beautiful skin.

Also recommended

Create beautiful skin with the moon peach effect

Moon peach lotion that easily penetrates into your skin. It has excellent effects on keeping skin healthy and anti-aging, so people of all ages and men and women should use it liberally. It also has a tightening effect.

Easy moisturizing gel

This is a moisturizing gel rich in moon peach extract. You can use it after applying lotion, or you can use it directly after washing your face. If you don't use lotion, please use a little more. Your skin will become plump.

Youthful and clear skin

A creamy foaming organic soap that is rich in ingredients such as moon peach and sesame that condition and beautify your skin. If you lather up a lot and wash it morning and night, it will remove dullness and brighten your complexion.

Wash thoroughly
Even for first-timers

A charcoal-containing facial soap that lathers surprisingly well. It is made with extremely skin-friendly ingredients, so it has a high cleaning power and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, yet it does not irritate your skin. Especially recommended for those who want to make their debut with bar soap.


Minimize daily damage

Daily shaving is essential for men, but at the same time it can be damaging to your skin. The skin on your face is much thinner than on your body, so it must be done with great care.

In particular, people with sensitive skin may end up covered in blood every morning.

It is very important to keep spare blades on hand and replace them as soon as possible to avoid putting a strain on your skin.

And whenever you shave, use a natural, non-irritating shaving cream to protect your skin from irritation.

After shaving, your skin will be sensitive and slightly irritated, so it's essential to moisturize and soothe your skin.

Just by carefully following these three steps with high-quality skin care products, your skin condition may improve.

Also recommended

Kill two birds with one stone moisturizing gel

A refreshing gel that soothes sensitive skin after applying the blade. It protects your skin that tends to get rough and has great skin beautifying effects, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Mild yet refreshing

If you have a little time, it will be more effective if you thoroughly apply the moon peach lotion to your skin before using the gel or cream. It has the ability to keep damaged skin healthy.

another gel

For those with very sensitive skin or those who prefer moisturized skin, we recommend an aroma gel with slightly more moisturizing power than the same gel. Even irritated skin will feel moisturized and calmed.

Skin roughness prevention cream

If you get bloody skin every time, have rough skin, or have severe acne, be sure to moisturize with this cream. The aroma of tea tree and lavender keeps your skin healthy and calming.


Natural odor countermeasures

When summer comes, a lot of deodorant products come out. However, please check the ingredients carefully before using it.

Types that are sprayed close to the face run the risk of being inhaled, and antiperspirant types suppress sweat production, so they cannot be said to be good for the body.

Many types of products that are applied directly are irritating to the skin, so they are not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the armpits have a lot of mucous membranes, so it's easy for things you put on your skin to be absorbed into your body, so you need to be careful.

Even with natural ingredients, it is possible to maintain a clean feeling. Enjoy a refreshing day by using natural ingredients that are safe to put in your mouth.

Also recommended

Combat odors with the effect of charcoal

Thanks to [dense foam] and [charcoal] with excellent adsorption and absorption power, it cleanly and refreshingly removes dirt and odors that have gotten into your skin! A cost-effective soap that can be used on the entire face and body. It is also popular for aging odor.

Contains persimmon juice to prevent odor

This is also a natural soap that creates dense foam. Contains persimmon juice, which is famous for deodorants. It has slightly less cleaning power than charcoal, so it is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

To prevent bad breath and tooth decay

Clay toothpaste called montmorillonite. The mint scent allows you to clean every corner without irritation. Clay also lifts and removes minute dirt in areas that your toothbrush can't reach, so it can also help prevent bad breath.

Popular people who make white teeth

It's amazing how much whiter your teeth can be with just natural ingredients. A 100% natural toothpaste that has been extremely popular since its release. Make yourself even more attractive with a smile and white teeth.

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