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Don't store extra things

If you want to go on a diet, do it in a short period of one month. Let's finish it in 3 months at the most. Beyond that, your brain won't listen to you.

Once your diet is successful, continue to lead a life with slightly fewer calories than before to prevent rebound.

Starting in your mid-40s, it will be easier to lose weight if you get into the habit of doing slow squats to train the large muscles in your body, even if it's just for one minute a day.

Supplements and yogurt can improve your blood flow and help your body avoid storing excess food, making your diet easier to succeed. At the same time, you can hone your beauty.

Clear swelling

To avoid storing fat

When your body swells, it becomes easier to store fat. Modern people tend to lack exercise and are in an environment where it is easy to get bloated.

Moving your body as much as possible to improve blood flow will reduce swelling. People often say that walking is good, and you should try to walk as much as possible, even if it's only for a short time.

Dehydration is also a cause of swelling. This is because when your body runs out of water, it stores it in an attempt to conserve it.

Drink plenty of water every day to improve your fluid flow, and use herbs and baths to help eliminate excess water more effectively.

Also recommended

power blend

Contains herbs such as rosemary and hibiscus to expel accumulated fatigue. Your body and mood will feel refreshed!

magical bath

Bath salts with 100% mineral active ingredients. Penetrates through pores and powerfully removes waste products while promoting flow. Some people feel quite refreshed just by doing this.

Refresh & Cleanse

Contains Dead Sea salt and aromatic essential oils such as juniper and cypress that improve flow. Double effect makes you feel refreshed!

The secret to success is to prevent constipation

Know the enemy of dieting

Constipation is the enemy of dieting! It pollutes the blood and makes it difficult to flow.

Also, if stool remains in the intestines, bad bacteria will multiply. As a result, the number of good bacteria decreases, and the peristaltic movement of the intestines deteriorates, starting a vicious cycle.

Furthermore, bad bacteria have the effect of increasing obesity hormones, making it easier to gain weight even if you eat the same amount.

Also, when you are on a diet, there will be less food to make your stools, so take measures such as consuming more dietary fiber and water than usual.

Furthermore, it is effective to replenish your body with good bacteria by taking LKM512 Bifidobacterium regularly.

Also recommended


A burdock supplement that feels like dietary fiber. An ideal herb containing both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Drink at least twice as much water as usual.

slimming with massage

to improve the flow

Massage with sesame oil, which is also performed by models.

It will be even more effective if you add a ``wake-up blend'' of aromatic essential oils that has the effect of improving flow. You can also add aroma to your bath.

Cold weather can also cause swelling. Milobina's sesame oil contains natural enzymes, so it also has a warming effect. It is more effective when used to massage the hands and feet.

Massaging around your stomach, buttocks, and bust area will also make your skin beautiful.

Experience the difference from other oils.

Also recommended

alarm blend

A blend of essential oils that have a warming effect, centering on juniper, which is the leading aroma for swelling prevention. The scent is also refreshing.

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