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[Video] vol.16 How to choose a cleansing soap that will make you beautiful, foaming edition

Hello. I'm 52 years old and the manager of Milobina, always with no foundation.

Today I would like to briefly talk about how to choose a facial cleansing soap that is good for your skin.

Foams well and does not remove too much sebum

What kind of soap do you like? If you're asked this question, I've told you to choose a face wash that doesn't remove too much sebum, or even if you have a lot of sebum, it won't make your face feel tight after washing, but the other thing to consider is a soap that lathers well. hey.

Basically, the better the lather, the less of a burden on your skin.

When lathering is good, the foam acts as a cushion against skin irritation. Dirt can be removed neatly by moving only the cushioning foam, but

To avoid stains

I think many people have the image of removing dirt by rubbing it with their fingers, but that is completely different, so from today onwards, you will realize that it is the bubbles that remove dirt from your skin, not your fingers. Please wash it while imagining it.

However, if there are not enough bubbles, your fingers will inevitably touch your skin and irritate your skin. Younger people who have strong skin may not be too concerned about this, but unfortunately, as we get older, the habits we've had over the years start to show on our skin. Masu.

Well, I think I've been washing my face carefully, but I've been scrubbing it a little and using my skin as a test subject for my job, and I've noticed melasma recently, although this is partly due to my age. It's already coming out and I really wish I hadn't rubbed my skin.

Isn't it amazing to see this, especially for young people, who think it's okay because they're still young and it's nothing more than rubbing their skin?

Because of my job, I'm told that my skin is pretty good, but there's nothing I can do about the dark spots. When washing your face with facial cleansing soap, be sure to use one that is gentle and foams well to prevent stains.


Carefully selected ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Refreshing with excellent foaming
Organic handmade soap. It has a moist feeling because the oil content remains.

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