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[Part 1] Ideal Milobina Life - Single Woman (32 years old)

Hello! My name is Kigawa, and I work for Bi Natural and Milobina.

This time, I'm going to try my hand at the ideal Milobina life for single women in their 30s.

The ideal Milobina life is written with an image of the ideal customer, who lives a life that is considerate of society and the environment while using Milobina's natural and comfortable skin care products.

When you reach your 30s, you start to notice the deterioration of your skin, which had begun gradually since your mid-20s, and start to worry about various things.

I would like to write about one woman who faces such problems.

The story follows a 32-year-old woman who lives alone and works full-time at a company. After graduating from university, I am currently in charge of accounting. I'm calm and intelligent, and I don't really like flashy things.

Lately, I've been paying attention to words like # Ethical, # Sustainable, and #SDGs, and I'm also becoming more interested in minimalism, which means refusing disposable chopsticks and spoons and only owning the bare minimum. I often check Instagram and get information like that.

One of her recent challenges is to stop wearing foundation, which she has relied on for years. Yes, I am trying to get rid of foundation.

Since I was in high school, I started copying the foundation and makeup that my friends wore, and before I knew it, it had become a daily habit.

When I was a high school student, my worries were occasional acne on my forehead and oily spots around my nose. My pores were darkened and I was very embarrassed, so a friend of mine told me about a foundation with good coverage and it was really useful.

When you put it on and look in the mirror, your skin will look clean, as if there was nothing dirty there. At that time, I was a high school student who was always looking for beauty information because I was worried about my face, my hair, the shape of my butt, and I couldn't like anything about it.

Even when I became a university student, I was still worried and envious of my beautiful friends. During my university days, I decided to try medical hair removal using the money I earned from my part-time job. I'm glad I did it because one big problem was solved.

I had thought about having nose and eye surgery, but I was afraid of the risks and the after-effects in the future, so I gave up on it at an early stage. Instead, I didn't forget to put on makeup, and every day, I looked perfect before going out. It took no less than 30 minutes, and when things didn't go well, it took more.

On the other hand, I saw everyone around me dyeing their hair bright colors and I tried it once, but I just felt like it wasn't me and I haven't dyed my hair ever since.

Still, my hair was prone to dryness, spreading, and split ends, so I took care of it with treatments that didn't wash it off, and sometimes treatments at the beauty salon, but someone posted on Instagram that my hair was dry. I saw that my hair was in a lot of pain, but when I switched to an organic shampoo, my hair became healthy before I knew it.I tried to imitate this, and the dryness and spread that had been bothering me for many years gradually disappeared.

Now, I don't have to go to the beauty salon for expensive treatments, and although organic hair care is more expensive than regular hair care, I am glad that it has solved my problems.

After that experience, I became interested in natural and organic products. So, I saw them on Instagram and stopped by stores like Cosme Kitchen to try out various products.

All of them are a little less comfortable to use than the cosmetics I've been using, but they're not unbearable, and above all, I feel like my skin is less irritated. Many of them had great scents, and I enjoyed trying them out.

Especially this brand during that period! It was a time when I was trying out various natural products without ever finding anything I liked.

After graduating from university and entering the workforce, my income increased and I started buying things online that I had been told were good through word of mouth. I was busy with work and had some stress, so shopping online and posting my impressions of the products I tried on Instagram was fun and relieved my stress.

However, I no longer have the bad acne that I had when I was in high school, but my foundation doesn't stick well, and when I look in the mirror midway through, my T-zone has collapsed and the pores on my nose are noticeable, so I have to touch up my makeup. It also increased.

In addition, I noticed fine lines around the corners of my eyes, darkening and wrinkles around my nasolabial folds, and my face suddenly looked older than before, and I was anxious to do something about it. Like I feel...

I'm particular about my foundation, such as using a mineral foundation, and I always do my best with massages and face packs, but I don't really notice much of a difference after doing it...

What should I do? Should I take collagen? Should I try yoga to get my body in shape for the first time? I've actually tried a lot of things, but this is it! I can't find anything like that.

There are so many different kinds of information and services out there, and they all seem to be very effective, but when you actually try them, they often don't turn out to be all that great.Recently, searching for information can feel like a pain. has also increased.

At that time, I found Milibina on Instagram. Carefully selected only 100% natural and effective products? A workplace with a cat assistant manager?

It seems like it's a bit sincere, and the fact that it only works is appealing to me. So, I decided to buy a trial set that allows you to try out a total skin care routine, which costs about 2,000 yen and can do everything from makeup removal to moisturizing.

What arrived... huh? It was a shop with such an atmosphere, but it came in super simple packaging in a brown envelope...Isn't it a different image?

When I opened it, I felt a sense of relief at the careful packaging. There's even a handwritten thank you note! A rare shop these days.

When I looked at the instructions written in small letters, I noticed that it said, ``Please stop using foundation during the trial period!''

...More on that next time!

Thank you for reading till the end today♪

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