Information regarding various changes such as price revisions

Current situation of beauty natural and request for understanding

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Bi Natural. From March 18th, on Rakuten Market,Free shipping for orders over 3,980 yen including taxSince the beginning of 2017, Bi-Natural has joined the group of 39 shops (named for stores that offer free shipping) so that our customers can enjoy shopping even more.

Thanks to you,We are grateful to the increasing number of people who are making purchases of 3,980 yen or more including tax. For online shops, the amount of purchases per person is very important. The smaller the amount, theShipping costsThis is because it will increase. at the same timeEnvironmental impactIt will also increase.

However, many of BiNatural's main products cost around 4,000 yen, and we felt it necessary to take measures in order to continue operating Rakuten Market stores in the future.

Bi-Natural started with a Rakuten Market store, and over the past 16 years, we have been able to come this far with the support of many customers.

There were some extremely difficult times, such as the Lehman Shock and the Great Earthquake, which caused the number of customers to halve and we almost couldn't get our funds back, but we managed to get to this point by building on everyone's trust and by proceeding with internal structural reforms. is completed.

This free shipping service is in order for Rakuten Market itself to continue to provide customers with vibrant and excellent services.What you needI think it is.

However, as before,The maintenance and survival of Rakuten Market stores is in jeopardyI decided thatAll reviews including priceWe have decided to do this.

Before the 39 service started, we had received a request to raise the price, but we would like to avoid increasing the burden if possible, and we believe that it is better to understand the current situation before making a decision. became.

At this time, we may have to ask our customers to bear some costs, but we would like to use all our wisdom to come up with countermeasures to reduce that burden as much as possible. from now on,Please report any planned changes in advance on this page.Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your understanding.

We will continue to work even harder to address the concerns of each person,We hope to provide products and services that will be useful for many years to come.I would like to continue my efforts. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Manager Noriko Kigawa All the staff

Products scheduled for price increase/change to set sales

The product price may be revised and some products may be sold as a set of two.

Getto Spring 500ml

One@ +100 yen 2 piece setIt will be sold at

drops of moisture

30ml+100Yen / 100ml+250 yen

Getto no Izumi 500ml lotion set

Due to the price increase for single items+200 yen
5% discount ends

Getto no Izumi 200ml lotion set

Due to the price increase for Moist Drops 30ml+100 yen

Regular/Getto no Izumi 500ml

Due to the price increase for single items1 bottle @ +100 yen
10% discount continues 2 piece setIt will be sold at

Regular set (various)

Due to the price increase for Moist Drops 30ml+100 yen
Beauty Natural Set (Pure, Lavender)/Acne Care Set

Changes to shipping methods

Separate settings for courier and small courier

We will gradually set up a shipping method that can be selected for each product so that we can send the item using a more appropriate shipping method.

As a result, it is possible to specify the date and time for large items to be delivered by courier, making it possible to get the delivery closer to your desired date.

About changes after ordering

In order to eliminate waste in the process from ordering to delivery and to deliver products more smoothly, as we have already informed you, we are no longer able to accept changes after an order has been placed.

Making changes takes time and effort, which may delay shipping for other customers who are waiting. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

However, if you contact us immediately after placing your order, we can accommodate your request.

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