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Essentials of beauty and health

It is now common knowledge that the large intestine plays a major role in all sorts of things, including allergies, obesity, mental health, dementia, and beauty.

It is known that especially in people with allergies, the bacterial flora in the large intestine is poor, which damages the intestinal wall and allows allergens to circulate throughout the body, which can have a negative impact on the skin.

In addition, poor colon health has a significant impact on quality of life and longevity.

Beauty and health start from the large intestine. Meito is a manufacturer that is actively researching the latest science.

For the beauty and health of the whole family

Easy & easy to follow!

Even if you are busy or don't like yogurt, you can easily drink [LKM512 Bifidobacterium granule stick type]. Bifidobacterium is a representative of beneficial bacteria. It is an important intestinal bacterium that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and improves the function of the intestines, and is very useful for keeping the intestines clean and healthy.

Bifidobacterium is sometimes seen reaching the intestines, but that only goes as far as the small intestine. LKM512 is the only bifidobacterium that can reach the large intestine! LKM512 Bifidobacterium is resistant to acids, and 99% of them reach the large intestine safely! This is the first bifidobacterium that has been shown to extend lifespan in mammals! The reason for this is polyamines, which are good substances for the body. Polyamines are essential components for maintaining life, and are found in large amounts in foods such as natto and cod roe, and are one of the nutrients that you should actively consume to maintain youthfulness and health.

Please take one packet per day with water. We recommend that you continue to take one packet every day or every 2 to 3 days.

Just roll yogurt

A compact yogurt maker that is easy to roll! Store it in the gap when not in use!

Burdock supplement

A 100% organic burdock supplement that contains plenty of dietary fiber that is good for your stomach. Since it is dried, one capsule is OK.


CBD oil 20%

By taking CBD, which supports the intestinal environment and human homeostasis at the same time, it can be effectively used for beauty and health.


CBD oil 30%

In the United States, CBD's reputation for health is skyrocketing. At Milobina, we offer reliable CBD of good quality. Contains propolis only in Japan. It's popular.

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