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Refreshing and moist body

In order to restore the brightness of insect bite marks and sunburned skin, it is important to have plenty of moisture and speed up the renewal of your skin.

Irritation such as rubbing your skin can also worsen dryness and pigmentation. When washing your body, do not use a body towel; lather well with your hands and wash to improve the texture.

Moisturizing and avoiding irritation are essential for skin problems. Afterwards, thoroughly care for your skin with a gel or cream blended with soothing aromas. We also recommend using it with care from inside.

Also, you should consciously take care of odors that are hard to notice on your own.

Moisturizing/Exfoliating care

For the ideal moist and transparent body

The real name is Aroma Mother to Be Body Care Lotion! It was created to help mothers-to-be prevent stretch marks.

The skin on your stomach is growing at a tremendous rate. Preventing those stretch marks is a big deal. Therefore, the ingredients are luxurious and the effects are outstanding!

Of course, it is also perfect as a body lotion for areas that are prone to dryness, such as hands and feet. By continuing to use it, your skin will become moist, smooth and clear.

Before you know it, even if you have insect bite marks or sunburn, your skin will be back to its original clear whiteness.

This is a truly gorgeous natural body care product that will answer all your body care concerns.

Also recommended

hand & cuticle cream

Powerful treatment for extremely dry hands, heels, elbows, and knees! Recommended for those whose nails break easily.

anti-itch gel

A slightly refreshing and sticky aroma gel. Especially recommended for those who suffer from discomfort such as itching due to dryness.
A refreshing and clean scent.

tea tree cream

An aroma care cream that deeply moisturizes while caring for rough skin. It is also effective for acne on the back.

nappy lash balm

An aromatic ointment that firmly protects your skin with vegetable oil and beeswax. Contains a rich blend of powerful healing herbs such as calendula. Recommended for people with dry and spicy skin.

Insect bite marks, pigmentation

High quality & 100% natural power

This body lotion not only moisturizes, but also works very well on your skin, as it contains a large amount of aromas and herbs that help rejuvenate your skin.

If you have sunburn or insect bite marks that are not healing quickly, try using it every morning and evening.

After a while, your skin will be reborn as moisturized, clear skin with less uneven coloring.

Also recommended

super luxury soap

It's gentle on dry skin, but thanks to the charcoal content, it feels refreshing. The trick is to wash by hand without using a body towel. The texture will become even.

Kucha soap

Contains Okinawan Kucha (clay), which is highly effective for beautifying the skin and removing dirt, and gently removes unnecessary dead skin cells, leaving your skin moist and clear. Wash it by hand.

sesame oil

A moisturizing oil especially recommended for those who are concerned about pigmentation. It speeds up the rebirth of your skin and gives you clearer skin. You can also use it before body lotion.


Suitable for sensitive skin and highly effective!

Although commercially available deodorant products are highly effective, they are highly irritating and are said to have negative effects on the skin. The armpits in particular are prone to pigmentation, so the irritation can lead to darkening.

The ingredients are strong, so if you have sensitive skin, you may damage your skin if you use too much.

For such people, you can use our special roll-on deodorant with over 90% organic ingredients.

It uses only natural ingredients such as baking soda to prevent odor all day long, and it also contains a large amount of skin care ingredients that whiten and shine underarms that tend to darken!

This is a very popular item that can be used as a daily skin care product.


Also recommended

super luxury soap

The adsorption and absorption power of charcoal is amazing, and it even absorbs even the odors of aging! Please always be a refreshing you.

roslyn thorpe

The cleaning power itself is mild, but it contains persimmon juice, which has a very high deodorant effect. If you have a sensitive or dry body, try this.


natural moon peach soap

Moon peach has strong antibacterial properties and removes bad bacteria that cause odors. It leaves behind good bacteria, so your skin is always healthy.

sesame soap

Although it is a little expensive to wash the whole body, it is very effective in removing odor and preventing it from coming out again, so some people only use it to wash their armpits and feet.

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